MPlayerX 1.0.18

Free media player for almost any format

MPlayerX (not to be confused with MPlayerOSX) is a free and simple media player. View full description


  • Plays almost any video or audio
  • Very simple to use
  • Supports subtitles


  • No channel or subtitle search integration


MPlayerX (not to be confused with MPlayerOSX) is a free and simple media player.

Similar in flexibility to VLC Media Player, MPlayerX can play almost any format of file or stream, is very lightweight on resources and easy to use. MPlayerX has been designed specifically with Macs in mind and supports Apple Remotes, full screen mode, changing of subtitle size and it picks up from the last point you stopped the video.

The great thing about MPlayerX is that, like VLC Media Player, it plays absolutely everything you throw at it. Many users find that if they can't play something on the former then MPlayerX can and vice versa. There's very little to fault it in that respect although it doesn't feature integrated subtitled searching like Lunettes and doesn't have channel integration like VLCPlayer.

Overall though, MPlayerX is an incredibly useful and powerful media player for Macs.


  • Fixed compatibility issues with OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Fixed time slider mispositioning
  • Fix bug in which users could not disable subtitles in mts files


MPlayerX 1.0.18

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